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Berlin downtown

Night shot in Berlin city, Germany .

The cross spider

It's bit don't kill a human but hurts ....

Sibiu - the old city

Summer, night perspective.

Transfagarasan road


Bran Castle

Night view of Vlad Tepes (Dracula)'s castle.

Moldova river

ND filter used.

We can't stop the time but we can keep traces of it.

How? Well, some of us, more visual ones I would say, might choose photography. So, reality can be seen and frozen in different perspectives in accordance with the eyes, lenses, creativity and Angles we have and use at the "click" time.

What is a good picture?

A picture that has something interesting, the colors, the subject, the shadow, action, expressions, reflects something unusual or a detail from something extremely usual that has always been disconsidered or not seen normally, far away places or common ones in a different light.

What are the rules for a good picture?

The light, the firds, the leading lines, balance of elements in composition, the background, the viewpoint, depth of field, frame, crop, but, all this is not mandatory at all, sometimes fabulous pictures can easily contradict this rules and by the way, the creativity gives best results when we do break some of the existing patterns and rules. Just go ahead and experiment, who knows, art is extremely subjective in being liked or not. Is Picasso a great painter or is just a very bed one made fantastic by some people bored by the classics?

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